Deltabit Hotimage 2.0

I picture is worth a thousand words. But an interactive hierarchy of multiple pictures is worth even more. HotImage is a .NET component which was designed to enable easy hotspot generation on your images. HotImage is a powerful tool for the programmer because most of the work is done for you through the HotImage design-time designer. By gaining access to HotImage classes, it enables one to develop even more elaborate, multifunctional interfaces and programs. Hotspots are not just the regular hotspots that you are used to. These hotspots have many properites that will allow you to change their appearence dynamicaly so that they highlight your image and provide annotations for it. You can access and modify data associated with them such as descriptions, hyperlinks, borders and brushes. You can set how animation takes place when the hotspot changes visibility. Furthermore you can create a child HotImage for a hotspot through the designer so that if more information is required about a hotspot, it will dynamicall take you to the next level of information by showing the child HotImage with all its hotspots. In this way you create a hirearchy of information through a graphical interface. It is like having a treeview of dynamic images. Information about which hotspot was clicked etc. can be accessed through the events which pass the HotspotEventArgs for hotspots or HotBubbleEventArgs for child HotImage hotspots. Multiple hotspots can be generated with detailed symmetrical (rectangles and ellipses) or non-symmetrical (polygonal) polymorphic areas on any of your images. Once hotspots have been created, Hotimage can be moved and resized (at runtime or designtime) and the hotspots still retain their proportions and functionality. One is able to display the text alone, the text and description, the description alone or a menu associated with a Hotspot on an image using the AutoHotPopup feature. This results in a very neat and uncluttered presentation area, while still retaining the ability to convey the information describing the image, in the form of a AutoHotPopup. You will be able to convey a world of information in a clear and appealing way. Furthermore you have the ability to export hotspots as XML data that can be saved to a database and retrieved again later to map the selection made on a HotImage for display of data in a graphical format. All this and more comes in a lightweight component package that offers easy distribution and high performance. HotImage lets you effortlessly add a state-of-the-art user interface to your existing and future desktop projects. See the Documentation for a full description of the HotImage API.